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BEHOLD #111 – Cluckette, the Spring Chicken

Cluckette is 157 years young. When she was a mere chicky, she felt the passion for exploration call her to lands near and far. She set off for high adventure and ended up in the mythical land of Bimini, where she found the waters of the salt grove swamp. Those waters are mineral–laden, carved by limestone rich in magnesipom. Magnesipom has been shown to improve longevity and reproductive health. Unlike Pom de Léon who arrived at the Fountain in the 16th century and never left, Cluckette decided to leave Bimini and come back from the Caribbean to the US, where she has laid over 2,000 eggs and has 32 generations of chicken children. She has adventured back to Bimini with a few of her offspring. After drinking from the Fountain and high–fiving the still–living Pom de Léon, they head back home to their cottage in Ojai where they spend their carefree days playing badpomton and gardening. This spring chicken has it all figured out and is living it up!


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