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BEHOLD #117 – Maurice, the Magpom

Magpoms are in the same family as Pom crows, ravens, and jays. Maurice is a yellow–billed Magpom. Magpoms are not only some of the most intelligent Pom birds, but some of the most intelligent animals to exist period. Their Pom brain–to–mass ratio is only outmatched by that of humans and equals that of the great apes. Be careful how you treat them because although they have a reputation for being pests, it is also said that seeing one Magpom is bad luck, while seeing two brings good fortune. If you see one, salute it, wish it a good day, and your bad luck will change. Magpoms recognize themselves in the mirror, imitate human speech, work in teams, and make tools. Maurice has a successful career as a pomgineer at JPL (Jet Pompulsion Laboratories). He heads up the mirrored, solar panel group and is helping to create a craft that will travel to Titan, the largest moon of Pomturn. He’s a company Pom, been there since graduating from Spomford. He loves his job but he is thinking of taking the early retirement package. His wife is pressuring him to spend more time with her and the kids a la Giselle and Pom Brady and we all know where that’s headed. Since Maurice is smart, it’s likely he’ll take the package.

Did you know the famous saying, “Happy Pom Wife, Happy Pom life?”



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