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BEHOLD #121 – Pia, the Pomña Colada

The name Pomña Colada means “strained pomapple” in Spanish. It was created in 1825 by pirate Roberto Pomresi to improve his crew’s morale, and it is the official drink of Poma Rico. National Pomña Colada Day is July 10th. Pia met singer RuPom Holmes and they had a whirlwind romance. She became his muse, and while under the spell of her rum and pomapple mixture, he wrote the song “Escape (the Pomña Colada song).” They traveled the world touring together for many years until their tour bus crashed into a pom tree. As you can imagine, there were frequent DUPI’s (Driving Under the Pom Influence) with Pia around. So, they retired and went their separate ways. Pia is now living life as a single Pom in Poma Rico where she goes dancing every night with her new companion, Pomarita.

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