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BEHOLD #133 – Pointy, the Porcupom

The word “Porcupom” means “thorn pig.” There are more than 20 kinds of Porcupoms and they come from 2 families – Old World Porcupoms and New World Porcupoms. Old world Porcupoms are strictly nocturnal, terrestrial, and have longer quills and they can weigh anywhere from 2 lbs to 77 lbs. New World Poms can live in trees and weigh up to 40 lbs. Porcupoms are herbivores and they are also good swimmers. They are not related to hedgepoms. They are part of the rodent family, and they live very long lives for rodents – 28 years. Little babies are called Porcupomettes. They have 30,000 quills that easily detach and stick into their predators. However, their quills have antibiotic properties because Porcupoms frequently accidentally stick themselves. Pointy is a pharmacist and she sprinkles some of her quill antibiotics into the medicines that she prepares. She also has an award–winning rose garden. She especially loves to grow the very–thorny climbing roses since their thorns remind her of her lover, Stabby. When they get together for romantical times, they are especially grateful for their antibiotic quills.

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