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BEHOLD #219 – Pomnando, the Pomñata

Pomñatas are containers filled with treats and broken open as part of a celebration. Some say that Pomñatas were brought from Spain (where they arrived in the 14th century) to Mexico in the 1600’s. But others say they originated in China and were made in various animal shapes to celebrate lunar new year. Pomnando’s ancestors were assigned religious meanings, but these days Pomñatas are mainly secular and just for fun. Pomnando has been created to celebrate National Pomñata Day which is April 18th. Between now and then he will be filled with cans of Pomluga Caviar and Be Fruity fruits because he will be opened at Pombert Downey, Jr’s glamorous birthday party. (His birthday is April 18th) It will certainly be a party to remember and Pombert better watch out because it’s possible that Pomnando will outshine him. ¡Dale dale dale!

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