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BEHOLD #234 – Tom, the Pom Bomb

Pom Bombs are wonderful beings who explode with love, explode with joy, explode with inspiration, Pomtuition, Pomagination, and all of the very best things. Pom Bombs toodle around the world feeling for where their explosion might be needed. Once they know that they can make a great difference, they light their magic fuse and explode with their Pomazing contents. Since indigo blue is the color of Pomtuition, Tom is a Pomtuition pom bomb. If he finds himself in a Pomvironment where Poms are experiencing self–doubt or a lack of Pomfidence, he will grab the lighter he ordered from Pomazon and light his fuse. Then he will explode Pomtuition for a 100–mile radius and all of the doubtful Poms in that area will receive the gift of Pomtuition. Pom bombs explode their magical goodness throughout the Pom world all the time and it’s absolutely Pomtastic!



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