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BEHOLD #248 – Loopina Pomtastical

She is a Pom from the planet Loopiter where all sorts of loops are made – electrical loops, musical loops, jewelry loops, computer programming loops, loop–d–loops, belt loops, and even fruit loops. There is a giant red dot on Loopiter that is surrounded by a giant red loop. Loopina lives in the northwestern section of the red dot where the fruit loops are made. Loopina and her fellow Loopecians plant loop seeds on their red dot fields and trees sprout from them that grow fruit loops on their branches. A special harvesting machine called a loopgrabber picks the fruit loops off the trees and then drops them into bowls that the Loopecians can eat from whenever they like. The fruit loops give them extra loop energy. But if they eat too many, they might start to wobble and become loopy or have too much energy and become a hyperloop.  It’s a fine balance. 

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