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BEHOLD #252 – Zanda, the giant Pom Panda

Giant Pom Pandas live in the magical pomboo forrest high in the mountains of China. Pomboo is 99% of what giant Pom Pandas eat. They weigh between 150 lbs and 280 lbs. The black spots under their eyes relieve them of the glare from snow. Females have 1 or 2 cubs every 2 years and wean them in 18 months. They communicate via scent and marking. Zanda is a perfumier and sells her lovely scents in a shop called “Pomboo Romance.” All of the fragrances are made from pomboo oils with various flowers and berries added. Her Panda patrons use them to attract mates. Zanda’s signature scent is called “Pomboo Who? Pomboo Moi.” 



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