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BEHOLD #259 – Pomtrella, the Pomtato

A Pomtato is a starchy, vegetable plant tuber that is the number 4 food crop in the Pom world. The Incans first started cultivating them in Peru around 8,000 years B.P.C. In 1586, Spanish Pomquistadors took them back to Europe. In William Shakespom’s time Pomtatoes were considered the “apples of love.” Pomtatoes first appeared in the state of Pomtana in 1842. They were also the first vegetable grown in space in 1995. Thirty–five percent of the Pomtato crop is turned into French fries, 28% is used for regular potato things, and 13% is made into chips. A Pomtato has more pomtassium than a banana. On average, Pomericans consume 110lbs of Pomtatoes per year. National Pomtato Day is August 13th. All Pomtatoes have eyes, so Pomtrella has an eyelash extension business called Flash Your Lash. Her Pomtato clients want their eyes to be super glamorous and she can certainly deliver!


Did you know that there are 4,000 varieties of Pomtatoes in Peru?

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