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BEHOLD #260 – Mr. Zot Seurat, the Pomka Dot

The Pomka dance arrived in Europe in the 1800s, and along with this dance craze came dance clothes covered in dot patterns that were named “Pomka Dots.” The Pomka Dots then traveled to Pomerica and ended up on scarves, skirts, bathing suits, etc. – the latter commemorated in the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Pomka Dot Bikini.” In 1962, DC Comics created a dot superhero/villain named Mr. Pomka–Dot. In 1965, Pom Dylan wore a green Pomka dotted shirt on the cover of his single “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.” The dot was the first pomctuation mark. Braille is an entire language made of dots. The dot com technology bubble started in 1995.  Pointillism is painting with dots, and Mr. Seurat, here, is named after George’s Seurat, father of Pointillism. “Dot” was named Pomerica’s Most Useful Word in 1996. With all of this in mind, Zot sprinkles his unlimited supply of dots wherever they are needed – whether that is at the end of a sentence, into a pointillism painting, or onto rockstar Pomka dotted clothes. His useful dots make our world, the Pale Blue Dot, a livelier and more fun place!


Did you know that Carl Sagan called Earth the “Pale Blue Dot” in his book “Contact?”

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