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BEHOLD #267 – Opiumina, the Poppy Pom

Poppy Poms are flowering, herbaceous plants. One species of Poppy Pom (papaver somniferpom) is the source of the narcotic drug, opium. It has been used since ancient times as an analgesic and recreational drug. Poppy Poms are symbols of sleep, peace, and death because opium is a sedative and the blood–red color is associated with death. In Greek and Roman myths, Poppy Poms were used as offerings for the dead. The magical Poppy Pom field in the Wizard of Pomz threatened to make the heroes sleep forever. It is the National flower of Poland and the State flower of California. They are also symbols to commemorate those who died in the great Pom Wars of long ago. Opiumina is a Sleep Pomologist in charge of Sleep and Dreams. She runs several sleep studies. Poms need at least 8 minutes of sleep per night to heal, reinvigorate, and wake up joyful and ready for action. She reports to the Pom God of Sleep, Morpheus. He is benevolent and never hassles her when she requests PTO (Pom Time Off). 

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