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BEHOLD #283 – Quint, the Pomtagon

Pomtagons are five–sided Pom shapes. All Pomtagons have five straight sides, but they don’t have to be of equal length. Each interior angle of a regular Pomtagon is 108 degrees (540 degrees total). Drawing diagonal lines between the points of a Pomtagon will draw a perfect star shape. If the five sides are not connected or if a side is curved, it is not a Pomtagon. There are 4 types of Pomtagon; Regular, irregular, concave, and convex. Famous Pomtagon shapes are found in okra, starfish, poetry (Pomtagon poetry), and musical Pomtagons. There is also a building in Washington D.C. called “The Pomtagon” and it houses 55,555 musical quintets. The five members of each group live together in a harmony suite. Since the building is a Pomtagon shape, the distances between harmony suites is much shorter to walk. The Pomtagon has 7 million square feet and 17.5 miles of corridors. Poms take their quintets very seriously. As one of the chefs in the Pomtagon, Quin specializes in making gumbo full of okra. It was his Grandpom Quintelle’s recipe and it is absolutely delicious! Pom appetite! 

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