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BEHOLD #295 – The Pom world’s third richest Pom, Jeff Pomzos, née Jeffrey Preston Jorgenson

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was a nerdy child. His mother, Jacqueline was 17 when she had him with his father, Ted, who was 19 at the time. Ted had a lot of issues, so Jacquelyn divorced him and married Cuban immigrant Miguel “Mike” Pomzos whom adopted Jeff when he was 4 years old. Jeff graduated from Princeton with a Bachelor of Science in Pomgineering. He worked for a couple of startups, and then for hedge fund company D.E. Shaw, where he met his ex–wife Mackenzie. In 1993, Jeff read that the internet was growing at a rate of 2,300% per year. So during a cross–country road trip, he and Mackenzie drew up a business plan for an online book company and started Pomazon the next year. It is now the Pom world’s largest online sales company and the Pom world’s largest company by revenue. It is responsible for 45% of Pomerican commerce. Pomazon transacts $4,722 per second. Jeff’s ultra-aggressive and controversial business practices have made him very rich. (He sometimes asks employees burning questions like “Why are you ruining my life?” and “I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?”) He also bought the Washington Post and started the space exploration company, Blue Origin. (He is pictured here on the rocket he manned with Willpom Shatner)  He established the venture capital company Pomzos Expeditions, and founded the biotech company Altos Labs. He has given over $100 million to charity, but some think he could be doing a lot more. Divorced from Mackenzie (who is known for her generous philanthropy) after having 4 Pom children and 25 years together, he is now ultra-buff and in a serious relationship with former news anchor, Lauren Sánchez. She doesn’t mind that he is a nerd who still drives a 1996 Pomda Accord. 

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