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BEHOLD #343 – Positivina

She is a rose–colored Pom, wearing rose–colored eyeshadow, and super cool glasses. Her glasses are many beautiful colors, and she sees the world and her life through them with joy, love, and positivity. She understands that although life may throw some obstacles her way, it’s how she deals with them that matters. She can also see through her glasses that her life is perfect and the only things that interfere with that are the blocks she creates in her mind. When she gets in touch with her divine spirit and love, she can easily dissolve these blocks. She is powerful, fulfilled, healthy, creative, successful and in love with life – and Positivina is happy to pass along her wisdom, power, and positivity to you. Her line of designer glasses, “The Eyes Have It!” is available on Pomazon and has been named one of Oprah Pomfrey’s Favorite Things. Yay!



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