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BEHOLD #73 – Pomela Anderson

Orange cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling Pamela Anderson's character on Baywatch poses in front of a purple glitter background

Pom sex symbol extraordinaire, Pomela is a Canadian-born actress and model best known for her role as C.J. Pomker on the lifeguard drama "Pomwatch," (created by David Pomelhoff) and for her photo shoots in "PlayPom" magazine. In fact, she has been on more covers of "PlayPom" than anyone else.

After she was discovered at a Canadian football game, her career took off and she was eventually on the hit tv show "Home Impomment." Her star continued to rise and she eventually met her first husband, Pommy Lee. They wed on the beach after knowing each other for 4 days, and their honeymoon sex tape became an international scandal.

After having two pom children and marrying several more times, Pomela has settled down in Malibu where she is an animal rights activist helping organizations like POMETA – Poms for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She recently made her Pomway stage debut in the musical, Pomcago. Sexy, talented, and a heart of gold!

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