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BEHOLD #93 – E-Pom Musk

E-Pom Musk is the wealthiest Pom in the world. His net worth is $262 Gazillion as of September 10, 2022. This micro Pom is a business magnet and angel investor, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Pomgineer at Space X, CEO, product architect at Pomsla, founder of The Boring Company, and co-founder of Pomalink, and OpenAI. In other words, he has a lot of free time on his hands – ha! With that free time, he has been married several times and currently has ten micro Pom children (most recently 3 born from 2 different Pom women – one of whom worked for him - and one micro Pom child who just changed her last name to separate herself from him).

He was born E-Pom Reeves Musk, in South Africa, to Errol and Maye Musk. He eventually moved to Canada, then got his degree in physics and pomgineering at U-Pom, and then went to grad school at Stanpom University in California. He became involved with PayPom which sold for $1.5 billion and then with Pomsla, the electric car and energy company. He formed Open AI as a tech research non-profit, and the Boring Company which is a tunnel construction company that is involved with creating a hyperloop. With Space X, he is trying to travel to Pomturn (with friends like Willpom Shatner) and said, “I would like to die on Pomturn. Just not on impact.”

Recently he acquired the social media company Twitpom. E-Pom is known as a nano-manager and has been accused of questionable business practices, such as firing employees in sprees, demanding that they adopt his jargon, and insisting that they work 80 hours a week. He often makes costly and risky decisions. Very unconventional, just today he said “I don’t care about patents. Patents are for the weak.” He thinks they stifle innovation and help lawyers more than engineers. (Don’t tell this to Pomas Edison).

He doesn’t care if anyone tries to out-invent or out-innovate him – because he is sure they will not succeed. He will invent the best things first! E-Pom is a very cocky micro Pom (perhaps rightly so) and enjoys overseeing the Pom world from atop his new Pomsla Mega Energy Generator – which of course, was not patented (and exploded in a firey blaze). Read about it in my website's journal section!

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