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In 2022, I challenged myself to create a new piece of pom pom art every day for one year. 365 consecutive days of Poms.


I make one new Pom creature every single day, with each one based on a person, place, animal, object, concept or feeling. Every Pom gets a name, character, and a story that includes historical and fun facts.


I really love the creative writing aspect of this project. As an attorney, I’ve been writing legal briefs for years, so switching gears for an hour each day has been refreshing.

With each Pom I create, I research how that particular person, place, animal, object, concept or feeling came to be in the world, and then transfer that into the Pom Universe.

© 2023 Behold The Pom


© 2023 Behold The Pom

In the Pom Universe, pepperoni is Pomperoni. An anchovy becomes Pomchovy – not to be confused with musician Pom Jovi. 


So far, the Pom Universe includes superheroes, entertainers, artists, inventors, philosophers, athletes, animals, monsters, mountains, planets, games, food, a fireworks Pom, a meditation Pom, and a solar-powered Pom.


There’s also a series of micro Poms – teeny tiny poms all based on real-life tycoons and powerful public figures.


Plus original characters like Leopold, an extreme sports sheep who has a whole line of sweaters he sells at J Crew.


And unsung heroes like Kurt the Pomtrician, who makes sure the red & green wires don’t touch, and of course, Marge from Accounting.


I am a Los Angeles artist (and attorney) whose murals, toy portraits, bejeweled hummingbird paintings, and Ed The Chicken series have been displayed in art shows, shops, homes, offices, and pottery studios.

Pom 365 is my year-long project challenging myself to create a new character each day using small cotton pom poms. And sparkles. Lots of sparkles.

© 2023 Behold The Pom


I never know what I’m going to make until I sit down that day.

I am often driven by the thought, What is needed to create a world or a universe?  Time, mountains, volcanoes, people who deliver packages, animals, colorful people, inventors, innovators, feelings, and even some darker things because you can’t appreciate the good without the bad – contrast is important.

My materials include pom poms, googly eyes, jewels, pipe cleaners, glitter foam, iridescent paper, sheets of rhinestones, metallic tape, sequins, and glue. I have six baskets of materials to make these tiny characters that basically fit inside egg cartons. I keep an extra set of the basics:  poms, glue, scissors, eyeballs, and foam at my boyfriend’s.

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