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POM 365

Original pom pom art character Lola Heartworth is a pink pom with 3 red hearts stacked on her head

This project has helped me learn to let go

I’m not okay with change, and I have a hard time letting go. Pom 365 helps me move on to the next thing the following day. It’s showed me how to let go: this art piece had its day today, and tomorrow we’re starting anew. That’s been a cool lesson. 


Waking up & working out my artistic muscles daily strengthens those muscles

The consistency of making art every day has made me feel more confident, more fearless. I’ve evolved as an artist.  Most of the things I make I am making for the very first time.  I love how they turn out and I realize that I can create just about anything.


I can easily shift my energy and vibration

Whether I start from a positive or negative place when I sit down to create these little creatures each day, I am able to let go, and my energy shifts in a really nice way. It’s been more effective than meditating.


This project has helped me create rather than control

I began Pom 365 in order to heal. In order to have control over something wonderful and positive, and in order to have a safe space to let go. And it’s working!


It’s brought me closer to my parents

It’s given us a joyful focus. Sometimes we’re dealing with something stressful or having a disagreement (possibly a loud disagreement), but then we shift to catching up on the Poms (they don’t text so I share with them in person) and we end on a positive note.


The rest of my life would be much easier if I went about it the same way as I go about this project

When I’m making my Poms, I only have one purpose in mind – to enrich the lives of myself and others. I am not forcing it or trying to control the outcome in any way. Just focused on enriching the lives of myself and others.  


Not everything goes perfectly. I have to pivot sometimes. Or little fibers get stuck to me and the glue gets everywhere. If those things happen, they don’t bother me. All of the things that go right are great, and the things that don’t go right don’t bother me – because I am working from my purpose. And when I approach things from my purpose, a lot of it falls into place. Even the tasks that I don’t really love doing aren’t so bad.

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