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POM 365

Pom  365 is my year-long commitment to making pom pom art every single day.


Behold every Pom I’ve created from day one until today:

Pomtrina understands that a Pompliment is an expression of respect, admiration, or affection. Cats understand that when you Pompliment or praise them, they are doing something that you like. Puff beams with pride not only when she receives a Pompliment but when she bestows a Pompliment as well. She can magically sense what someone is the best at and create an incredible Pompliment for them. For example, she said to Ruth Bader Pomsburg, “You are brilliant, brave and strong”.  To Willpom Shatner, “I appreciate your full head of hair that is the color of my favorite scratching post”. And to Pom Selleck, “You’re so handsome, I feel like rolling around in catnip when I see you.”  Be sure to give someone – or yourself - a Pompliment today. It will make you (and them!) feel good!



Born on St. Patrick’s Day, Gack is an incredible, energetic, and curious Pom Gecko. There are 1500 species of Pom Gecko who live on every Pomtinent except for Pomtarctica. He could grow to be up to 23 inches long and he has specialized adhesive pads on his feet for extreme sports climbing. Since he doesn’t have eyelids, he needs to lick his eyeballs to keep them moist. Despite having Pom Gecko saliva in his beautiful eyes, he has excellent night vision. He has 100 teeth that are replaced every 3-4 months keeping his Pom Gecko dentist very busy.  Gack is looking forward to eating lots of bugs and chirping and singing to find his mate. He is totally Pomazing!


Born Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949, he is knows as “The Demon”. Bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, he founded the band with Pom Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss.  He moved from Israel to New York when he was 8 years old, and grew up very poor. He chose a stage name in tribute to rockabilly singer Jumpin’ Gene Pommins. After jobs as a typist, 6th grade teacher, and assistant editor at Vogue, he decided to start the ultimate rock band. KISS released their self-titled debut in 1974. The eye section of Gene’s makeup came from the comic book character, Black Bolt. KISS rose to super Pom stardom with songs like “Pom and Roll All Night,” “Detroit Pom City,” “Jungle,” and “Let’s Put the P in Pom.” Later in his career he collaborated with Engelbert Pomperdink, Liza Pomnelli, and many others. A master of merchandising, he created everything from KISS coasters and posters, to bobble heads and tooth brushes. He also created a television career, a film company, restaurant chain (Pom & Brews), and a magazine called “Tongue.” Speaking of which, his tongue is 7 inches long and insured for $1 million. We imagine his wife, Shannon Pom Tweed and former girlfriends Cher, and Pomana Ross enjoy(ed) their time with him. He was inducted into the Pom and Roll Hall of Fame in 2023, and has the Guinness World Pom Record for highest flame projection in a concert.  Pomgratulations!

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