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BEHOLD #59 – Pomcasso

Colorful cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling Picasso's "Téte de Femme"poses in front of a gold glitter background

Arguably the most influential Pom Artiste of the 20th century, he was born in Spain and influenced by his father Jose Ruiz Pomco, an academic painter. Pomcasso eventually moved to Paris.

The world witnessed his Blue Period, then his Rose Period, and then his transition to Cubism. His artistic philosophy was “Here an eye, there a nose, I can put a boob wherever I choose." It seemed to resonate with Pom art lovers, and many of his paintings have sold at auction for 8 and 9 figures. Several are displayed at the Musées de Pomcasso in Paris, Barcelona, Antibes and Málaga.

His legal name is over 25 words long. In 1911 Police thought he had stolen the Mona Lisa from the Louvre - he didn’t, but ironically his work has been stolen more times than any other Pom artist. He produced over 150,000 works.

Pomcasso was also known for his great love affairs. A lot of his works were inspired by his lovers who clearly had their Pom parts in different places than most Poms. Guess he liked his pom lovers with a side of strange.

Did you know that this version of Pomcasso is modeled after his painting “Tête de Femme?”


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