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I never know what I’m going to make until I sit down that day.


Pom 365 is the first time I’ve created art without preconceived notions. I don’t know what’s going to come out of me each day, which is a crazy feeling. But every day it has been great. 


The process of making the Poms is where my nourishment comes from. I’m not focused on the result or what I should do with them. I’m a lawyer, and therefore a Type A person. So I don’t want to control this creative process.

My Poms are reasons for me to learn about something that I may only be slightly familiar with, and it’s a really fun reason to do some research and discover more.

I am often driven by the thought, What is needed to create a world or a universe?  


Time, mountains, volcanoes, people who deliver packages, animals, colorful people, inventors, innovators, feelings, and even some darker things because you can’t appreciate the good without the bad – contrast is important.

My materials include pom poms, googly eyes, jewels, pipe cleaners, glitter foam, iridescent paper, sheets of rhinestones, metallic tape, sequins, and glue.


I have six baskets of materials to make these tiny characters that basically fit inside egg cartons. I keep an extra set of the basics (poms, glue, scissors, eyeballs, and foam) at my boyfriend’s.

There is so much I think about and am influenced by that shows up in these daily Poms. Sometimes it’s things I saw that day. Sometimes it’s what a friend said or shared with me. Sometimes it’s something I read or a funny thought that I turn into something we can all see, hold, and learn from. 

pile of feathers

Each day I am challenged. How do I make a miniature hard hat?
How do I create the feeling of intuition as a character?
How do I show magic in pom form? 

pipe cleaners

Every element is very intentional because I’m an attorney.


Pomzilla is made of 20 poms. A U.S. Army veteran is made of purple hearts.  

While I don’t plan what I am going to make beforehand, when I start creating, the decisions of how to portray the Pom are very thoughtful.

While each Pom character is based on facts about people, places, animals, objects, concepts, and feelings, I take artistic license with their appearance. I love not having to conform to anything. I can make Oprah green! I mostly take artistic license in terms of comedy for people’s stories.  But often times I don’t need to because truth is stranger than fiction.

Lime green sequins

Usually I create the Pom first and then and write the story – but there have been a couple times where I have written the story first. One time I was in a car and couldn't make the Pom, so I created the story first and crafted the Pom when I returned home.

I don’t necessarily make the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes it’s the tenth thing I think of. I need to feel confident I can actually make it, and that it will translate well.

I used to make poms in the morning. Now I make them at night. I make them even when I feel like shit, when I’m drawn to make something dark, or when I’m tired and think I’ll just phone it in. Ten minutes in and I’m all in. I go from not feeling it, to excitement about what is creatively coming out of me.


I’ve never made a pom where I’m like, Meh. Whatever pom I make that day usually ends up being my favorite… until the next day.

POM BTS_edited.jpg

© 2023 Behold The Pom


© 2023 Behold The Pom

When I complete a new Pom character, it’s photographed, numbered, and archived in an egg carton and on a master list in a note on my phone.


Lights, Pomera, Action!


The Making of A Pom

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