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In The Pom Universe, pepperoni is Pomperoni. An anchovy becomes Pomchovy –

not to be confused with musician Pom Jovi.

The Pom Universe includes superheroes, entertainers, artists, inventors, philosophers, athletes, animals, monsters, mountains, planets, games, food, a fireworks Pom, a meditation Pom, and a solar-powered Pom.

POM 76 Pom Bunyan

© 2023 Behold The Pom

There’s also a series of Micro Poms – teeny tiny poms all based on real-life tycoons and powerful public figures

like Big, Giant Pom Bunyon

BEHOLD #172 Leopold The Extreme Sports Pom Sheep

© 2023 Behold The Pom

Plus original characters like Leopold, the extreme sports sheep who has a whole line of sweaters he sells at

Pomnana Republic

BEHOLD #61 Marge from Accounting

© 2023 Behold The Pom

And unsung heroes like Kurt the Pomtrician, who makes sure the red & green wires don’t touch, and of course, Marge from Accounting

Not all of my Poms are wholesome. Some are R-rated.

Some are villains. Some are just nuisances, like the extra tall Pom, Pablo the Pyramid Person, who insists on sitting in front of other Poms at the movies.

Some Poms are intricate, some are simple. Some have more than one element – like the singing trio Peter, Pom & Mary.


On day 167, I realized The Pom Universe needed a health care system – so I created one. I thought, "Wouldn’t it be easy if the pills we needed just grew on trees?" So I created medicine trees. Boom! I just invented their whole health care system in an hour.

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