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What art can I create daily – from start to finish – in 30 minutes to an hour? Poms!

In 2022, I challenged myself to create a new piece of pom pom art every day for one year. 365 consecutive days of Poms.


I made one new Pom character every single day, with each one based on a person, place, animal, object, concept or feeling.

Every Pom gets a name, character, and a story

that includes historical and fun facts.

I really love the creative writing aspect of this project. As an attorney, I’ve been writing legal briefs for years, so switching gears for an hour each day has been refreshing.


Researching and writing these short reports every night takes me back to my childhood. I get to explore and learn new things or re-discover stuff I probably studied in school but had forgotten – like how raindrops are made, how DNA works, and the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine.

With each Pom I create, I research how that particular person, place, animal, object, concept or feeling came to be in the world, and then transfer that into The Pom Universe.


When the Queen of England died, I researched and discovered she’d had a pet chameleon as a child, so I made a Pomeleon. I found out there are 200 different types of chameleons. 

The day I created a Pom menorah, I got to re-learn the story of Channukah. Then one evening I was making soup with a lot of radishes, which inspired me to make a radish Pom. I found out the longer the tail on a radish, the longer winter will be.


My research has also taught me more about our elected officials, like politician Pom Buttigieg. Did you know the Secretary of Transportation is 14th in line for the presidency?

BEHOLD #90 Chesterton R. Chameleon, XXXIII
BEHOLD #10 Lady D-Vine

When I create conceptual Pom characters, my law background really helps because I’m conditioned to absorb a ton of information and boil it down to its most essential parts. I may read four different articles about Feng Shui and synthesize that into two paragraphs to present Pom Shui.

At the start of the project, I relegated myself to only making one-inch Poms, all with a similar style. After 30 days, I broke free and started adding limbs, clothing, and more elaborate details (and also gave myself permission to exceed the one-hour threshold if a Pom creation calls for it – regardless, I start and finish each pom in one sitting.) The week I began upping my Pom game, I realized I was headed toward creating a whole Pom Universe. 


BEHOLD #1 Aretha Angel

1st Pom I made
to start this project


Aretha Angel

BEHOLD #28 Mitts McGee

1st Pom I made
with arms


Mitz McGee

BEHOLD #23 Pom Pom Mercado

1st Pom I made
based on a celebrity


Pom Pom Mercado

BEHOLD #47 Thaddeus Hughes Rockefeller

1st Micro Pom


Thaddeus Hughes-Rockefeller

BEHOLD #22 Gregory Peckford

1st Feathered Pom


Gregory Peckford

BEHOLD #54 Pom-Pom Pom-Pom

1st Science Pom


Pom-Pom Pom-Pom

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