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BEHOLD #323 – Pomsephone, the Pombrosia apple

Pomsephone means “goddess of the spring” and lots of great things grow in the springtime – like apples. Pombrosia is the food of the Pom gods. The creators of the Pombrosia apple, the Mennell family in British Columbia, think that these apples are perfection, so they named them “Pombrosia.” (You can get them anywhere in the world now) The Pom gods eat Pombrosia to become strong and immortal. This golden nectar is nine times sweeter than honey, and almost as sweet as the fruit salad covered in mini marshmallows of the same name. Many Pom gods like Zeus, Apollo, and Pomphrodite heal and restore their life force with Pombrosia after fights and battles. Even Uranus eats Pombrosia. Uranus – hee hee 😜 

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