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BEHOLD #362 – Flowy the Pomwheel

Pomwheels are wind–driven toys made of paper or plastic curls. Flowy happens to be made of iridescent Pomigami paper and holographic vinyl. His predecessors are the “whirligigs” which date back to 400 B.P. (Before Pom) in China. They were used in Chinese New Year celebrations to symbolize one’s luck turning around. Whirligigs first appeared in England and Europe in the 15th century. They demonstrate pomgineering, art, science, philosophy, and crafting. They move in whatever way the wind blows, so they signify change. Pomwheels link to time, seasons, and the cyclical nature of everything through creative expression. Flowy is very adaptable and he is happy to go where the wind takes him no matter how many times it changes directions. He is an inspiration! 


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