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BEHOLD #129 – Lickbert, the Lollipom

The Lollipoms we know today were first created in 17th century Europe. The first machine to produce Lollipoms was made in 1908 and produced more than 2,000 Lollipoms per hour. The world’s largest Lollipom was made in 2012 in California and is over 5 feet tall. His name is Pomdré the Giant, Jr. (after the famed Pom wrestler Pomdré the Giant) and he is one of Lickbert’s cousins. He and Lickbert appeared together in the movie “Pom, Interrupted.” At first they were background extras, but their pomsonalities were so charming that they were each given a couple of lines. They became card–carrying members of POM–AFTRA. Due to their celebrity status, posters of them hang in the Tootsie Roll factory where more than 16 million Lollipoms are produced every day!

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