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BEHOLD #152 – Deadly Pomsassin, the Blue Pomba

This killer was born in the charming town of Pella, Iowa. Despite the happiness brought by the annual Tulip Festival there, the Blue Pomba grew up in a complicated household and had many mommy issues. He left as soon as he turned 18 and enlisted in the military where he became a Navy SPEAL (Sea, Pom, Air, Land) officer. Though he became a highly skilled sniper and tactical master, he realized that authority was not his cup of tea. So he left and went to Ninja Pom school. There he met some wily and cunning Poms who explained that he could have incredible adventures and make millions killing evil Poms who were trying to destroy the world if he joined them in the PAUN (Pom Assassin Underground Network) – so he did. He is named for the fastest and deadliest snake in the world. Luckily most of us will go about our lives never crossing paths with the deadly Blue Pomba.

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