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BEHOLD #170 – Phoebe, the Pomcargot (or snail)

She is an excellent mollusk companion. When she is happy, she peeps out of her shell and wiggles her antennae around. When she’s upset, she hides in her shell. Phoebe is very easy to read – she’s a good communicator and so she’s very easy to live with. She is also very respectful of not encroaching or sliming in other people’s food in the fridge. You won’t have to worry about your Indian food leftovers disappearing because she only eats cuttlefish bone (for calcium) and cucumbers (as a treat). Since she is delightful, we won’t actually eat her – instead we will happily coexist. All pomcargots have both male and female organs and although Phoebe can therefore, have many children of her own basically whenever she wishes, she does not want to burden the system – or the garden – and so she is content to make one pomcargot child every year, teach them the ways of the garden, and then let them slime into the world and flourish. Her genitalia is in her neck, so when she is not repomducing, she wears a lot of turtle necks a la Pombra Streisand – so as to create a modesty barrier to temptation. Incredible mollusk!

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