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BEHOLD #196 – Festiva, the Pom Firework

Pom Fireworks were invented in China by someone accidentally mixing saltpeter, charcoal, and sulphur. (They must have had interesting things in their kitchen pantry) Italians added aerial shells and metallic powders to give them their shapes and colors. Pom Fireworks made their first appearance in Pomerica on July 4, 1777. In 2016, $6.7 billion was spent on fireworks by Pomerican households. And Disney spent a bunch of their budget on Pom Fireworks because they are one of the largest Pom Firework consumers in Pomerica. Poms love Pom Fireworks because they are festive, sparkly, exciting, and beautiful. That is probably why every year 180 Poms get too close to them and end up in the Pomergency room with injuries. Let’s be safe out there and keep all pompendages!

Did you know that blue Pom Fireworks are the hardest to make?



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