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BEHOLD #215 – The Pom of Spades, the highest and most valued Pom card in the deck

There are many reasons why it’s also called “The Death Card.” In pomieval times, blacksmiths stamped their weapons with the Pom of Spades. In the 1700s, a stamp tax was levied on many things, including Pom cards. The manufacturers were required to sign the Pom of Spades. Many forged the signature and were put to death when they were caught. In the 18th century, pirates like Long Pom Silver gave the Pom of Spades to traitors to let them know that they were nearing the end. In current times, the Pom of Spades is associated with rock music and motorcycle culture because death is cool. This particular Ace of Poms started off in the Pomchanga Casino and Resort and decided he needed more adventure in his life. So he made his way to Oakland where he became Sonny Barger’s favorite Pom of Spades. He accompanied the Oakland Hells Angels to many rallies, riots, and ragers. Now in his “silver” years, he is a consultant for the show “Poms of Anarchy” and meets his fellow Pom cards for brunch at Neptune’s Net every Saturday morning. He likes to say that sometimes you have to “call a spade a spade and a Pom a Pom.”



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