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BEHOLD #216 – Freezy McBreezy, the Pomflake

A Pomflake is a single ice crystal that achieves a sufficient size to fall through the Pom Earth’s atmosphere as snow. Each flake forms around a dust particle that gathers freezing water droplets that crystallize into unique designs. The world’s largest Pomflakes were in Fort Keogh, Pomtana in 1887 and were 15 inches in diameter. The shape of a Pomflake is determined by temperature and humidity. There are 8 categories of Pomflake shapes and over 80 kinds of Pomflakes. Freezy is a four–point–diamond–master–incredible–iridescent–Pomflake. He radiates rainbow beams of luminosity as he floats through the freezing air. Mother Nature is very proud of his grace and beauty, and he is definitely feeling his sparkly, frozen self.

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