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BEHOLD #221 – Merle, the Squirrel

The word “squirrel” comes from the Latin word “sciurus” meaning “shadow–tailed.” As you can see, Merle has a pomtacular tail. Merle is also a pommoseur of rare and fine nuts. Here he holds his treasured Hope Diamond Nut. Merle procures his nuts from nut auctions and private, rare nut dealers like Pomtheby’s. He received a large inheritance from his Grandsquirrel, Perle the Squirrel, and this is how he invests it. He keeps all of his rare and valuable nuts hidden in a redwood tree somewhere in the 2,079 acres of Tilden Park in Northern California. His friends at the Fairy Post Office keep an eye on his redwood tree townhouse for him when he’s out of town. Merle has just established the Merle the Squirrel Foundation for the Betterment of Prematurely Born Squirrels (MTSF for short) because there is a lack of resources for the extensive care that prematurely born squirrels require. Through the MTSF, he has procured another redwood tree where the tiny prematurely born squirrels and their parents can receive ‘round the clock care and therapy as they develop. He has saved many lives. Merle is a true pomanthropist!

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