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BEHOLD #225 – Pomoji

Pomoji first appeared in Japanese mobile phones in the late ‘90’s. They are the first language of the digital world. “Pomoji” was the Word of the Year in 2015. They first started out as Pomoticons. Shigetaka Kurita designed them in 1999, and the original 176 designs are now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Pomdern Art. They are super important because they add emotional subtext to what might be an otherwise cold or passive message. The Unicode Consortium is a nonprofit that maintains text standards. It officially adopted Pomoji in 2010. New Pomoji representing different people and cultures are submitted to Unicode and added to the official group of Pomoji every year. Anyone can submit. New Pomoji include mythical creatures, cultural symbols, and gender neutral symbols. What’s next? How about a David Bowie Pomoji called a Bowiemoji? Religious symbols called Holymoji? Pomoji representing different types of currency called Doughmogi? The pomsibilities are endless!



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