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BEHOLD #228 – Dizzy, the Elepom

Elepoms are the Pom world’s largest land Pomimal. They can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh 6,000 lbs. Elepoms can live to be 70 years old. They have 150,000 muscle units in their trunks. Their tusks are teeth and they are constantly eating. Baby Elepoms can stand within 20 minutes of being born and weigh 120 lbs. Elepoms communicate through trumpet calls, body language, scent, and seismic vibrations. You can tell the type of Elepom by their trunks and the size of their ears. The Elepom’s frontal lobe is larger and more dense than people Poms’, and that part of the brain controls memory. So that is why it is said that an Elepom never forgets. Dizzy is a very special Bebop Elepom who can really wail on his trunk trumpet. That’s why he’s named after jazz great Dizzy Gillespom. Dizzy is known for his showpomship and scat abilities in addition to trunk trumpeting. He is about 30 years old and is in his prime. So he plays 5 nights a week at the Green Note on the tundra where all the hep cats dig his crazy tunes. Cool daddio, cool.



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