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BEHOLD #230 – Kaimen, the Pom Sea Sponge

Pom Sea Sponges are animals (not plants nor corals) that have been on the Pom earth for more than 600 million years. There are more than 8,000 species and they are among the most simple of pomganisms. They are made of specialized cells that perform all bodily functions. They don’t have heads, brains, ears, muscles, or organs. Kaimen is a truly exceptional Pom Sea Sponge because he has eyes and a dazzling smile. He is the Albert Pomstein of Pom Sea Sponges. Pom sea sponges can live for up to 200 years and have a lot of pores that filter water in for food and oxygen. Since Kaimen has no brain, it took him 100 years to figure out how to start his own deep sea facial salon. He specializes in creating and opening pores for his Pom Sea Sponge friends. They don’t know why they go to him or how much to pay, and he doesn’t know what to charge – so that works out well for everyone.

Did you know that “Kaimen” means “sea sponge” in Japanese?



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