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BEHOLD #243 – Princess Pansy

She is the leader of all the Pom pansies in the land. The pansy legend says that pansies were white until they were struck by Cupid’s arrow, and this caused their dark purple color. Pansies are edible and they symbolize love and remembrance. They are also the birth flower of February. Every year Princess Pansy and Cupid meet on February 15th (he’s really busy until Valentine’s Day) and they decide how many pansies he will turn purple. They have a contest to see who can drink the most Arnold Pommers without peeing. Whomever can hold out the longest gets to pick how many pansies are turned purple. Does the number really matter? No, but Arnold Pommers are delicious, so they both like the contest. Then Cupid shoots the agreed–upon number with his magic arrows and all of the pansies dance around a magic fire that makes them perspire. The Pansy sweat (“juice”) is collected by forest fairies and given to Cupid. He uses the Pansy juice to make the love potions that he shoots into the couples that he unites. It’s a beautiful partnership. 



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