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BEHOLD #244 – Michael, the Pom Sea Angel

Pom Sea Angels are group of marine sea snails. They are very small (about 5 centimeters tall) and they feed only on Pom Sea Butterflies. They are transparent Pomvertebrates that favor open waters. There are eight families of Pom Sea Angels, and they live in all kinds of water from polar to tropic. They are pomaphrodites, having both male and female sex organs, so they don’t need an external influence to fertilize their eggs. Mike is the head of his Pom Sea Angel family, the Bradys. He met his wife, Carol, after his first wife was eaten by a jellyfish. Carol’s first husband was eaten by a whale. They each had 3 Pom Sea Angel children including Jan, who is jealous of her older sister and constantly screams “Pomsha!  Pomsha!  Pomsha!.  Now they are a blended bunch that includes their jolly housekeeper, Alice, and their tiger fish named Tiger. They have wacky, heartwarming Pom Sea Angel adventures every week. 



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