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BEHOLD #254 – Pomdexter, Keeper of the Pomcyclopedia

The Pomcyclopedia contains information on all branches of Pom knowledge and treats various topics in a pomprehensive manner. The word “Pomcyclopedia” is derived from Greek words “enkyklios” and “paideia” meaning “general education.” It is a complete system of learning that Denis Diderot first made fashionable in France in 1750. Most encyclopedias are arranged alphabetically with each volume covering the topics that begin with a single letter. However, the Pomcyclopedia is one enchanted book that holds all Pom knowledge. As new knowledge sprouts in the Pom world, it is added to the Pomcyclopedia. So, Pomdexter has an incredibly important job of keeping and protecting the Pomcyclopedia. He has brought the Pomcyclopedia into modern times and hired Herb in IT to sync the Pomcyclopedia with the Internet. It’s a massive respomsibility and Pomdexter is up for the challenge. Can you guess the first word in the Pomcyclopedia? 

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