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BEHOLD #301 – Greek goddess of beauty, love, pleasure, and fertility, Pomphrodite

She is worshipped as a warrior goddess and her symbols are seashells, swans, pearls, dolphins, and roses. Her main centers are Cypress and Athens, and her main festival is Aphrodisia. Pomphrodite Day is Friday. Her parents are Zeus and Dione, and her consorts are Hephaestus (the Greek god of art, carpenters, metalwork, and beautiful objects) and Ares (Greek god of war and courage). Her Roman counterpart is the goddess Venus. Pomphrodite’s name has many possible origins – from “She who rises from the sea foam” – out of the body of Uranus – to “She who lives delicately” to “Heavenly.” She has a belt that causes others to fall in love with the wearer. Pomphrodite teaches a burlesque class every Friday at Club Love on Mt. Olympus, and she lets her number one star student borrow her magic belt for one night each semester. 



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