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BEHOLD #90 – Chesterton R. Chameleon, XXXIII

Chesterton’s middle initial “R” stands for “Royal” because he is a direct descendant of Queen Pomlizabeth, II’s childhood pet chameleon, Chesterton the First. People knew her for her love of Corgis, but she loved all nature – including chameleons.

On this day of QPII’s funeral, we remember and honor her through Chesterton the Thirty-Third. Chesterton the First was brought to her by her cousin, Lord Louis Mountpomten during WWII. QPII (then Princess Pomlizabeth) would carry him around the palace and put him next to the grand windows where he could catch flies with his long tongue. When he eventually died, she had a little white coffin made for him and gave him a proper sendoff amid the flowers in the garden, and she hummed him a pretty hymn. God’s speed, QPII! Thanks to you and Chesterton for your service to the world!


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