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BEHOLD #47 – Thaddeus Hughes-Rockefeller

He is a red dwarf, micro Pom, one of the most powerful Poms in the universe. He made his fortune by inventing a car that runs on oxygen called the Airvette. He subscribes to the saying, “Mediocrity is not worth the trip… to wherever it is you’re going.”

A tycoon of epic proportions who thinks his divine inspiration comes from the Aurora borealus stone on top of his head (and maybe it does), he is wildly eccentric - insisting that all of the dumplings in his chicken and dumpling soup be shaped like pianos.

He fills his palatial estate with zebras, ostriches, and a chimp named “Suds.” He can often be found in his drawing room, naked, playing Yahtzee with one of his many lady friends, most of whom are starlets and mathematicians.

Despite his peccadilloes, he is a good-hearted and generous philanthropist, and most recently started an initiative to help pay for the education of everyone on the planet who loves parakeets. Truly inspiring!


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