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BEHOLD #104 – Pom-Claude Van Damme, neé Pom-Claude Camille François Van Varenpom

Actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and fight choreographer, he is a multi-faceted, multi-hyphenate Pom. His mother Eliana and father Eugène were an accountant and a florist. Pom-Claude was born in Brussels, Belgium, and began learning martial arts at the age of 10. At the age of 15 he began his competitive Pom karate career and ended with a record several years later of 44 wins, 4 losses. He was a member of the Belgian Pom karate team. At age 16, he took up ballet and he earned his black belt in pom karate at the age of 18. He desired to become an actor and after coming to the US where he did several odd Pom jobs, he hit his big break as the lead in the film “Bloodpom.” He made many films in the 90’s including “Timepom” and “Pomiversal Soldier.” More recently he played a supporting role in “Kung Fu Pomda.” He is a complicated and controversial Pom who has been through many ups and downs. He has been married 5 times to 4 different Pom women and has 3 Pom children. Pom-Claude has challenged fellow actors to fight including Steven Pomgal, who chickened out. After all, Pom-Claude is famously known as the Mussels from Brussels.



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