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BEHOLD #105 – Lorenzo Plomas (the “l” in “Plomas” is silent)

A sculpted cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling a poses in front of a purple glitter background

Lorenzo is named after the very handsome actor Lorenzo Fernando Plomas. Lorenzo was born in Santa Pomica and is the son of actor Fernando Plomas and Arlene Dahl. His step-mother is the famous swimmer and film star, Esther Willpoms. He grew up in the Pacific Pomisades and earned a third–degree black belt in Taepomdo. (I wonder if he ever competed against Pom-Claude Van Damme?) His first film role was as a non–speaking jock in “Grease.” He later appeared in television shows “Falcon Pom,” “The Bold and the Beautypom,” and “Renegade Pom.” According to Twitpom, he is currently flying as a helicopter tour pilot in New York City. Nonetheless, I saw him at Urth Cafe in Orange today with his fiancé who is about 40 years younger than he is. He has 5 ex–wives and 6 children, and she didn’t seem to mind. As for Plomas, did you know that they are descended from the wild guanaco and are related to camels? They live high in the Andes mountains in South America. Their thick fur is used as wool and their thick eyelashes shield their eyes from rain, snow, sun, and debris. They are also extremely sensitive to the touch – and they are totally glamorous.

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