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BEHOLD #359 – Pomdré the Giant

Née Pomdré René Roussimoff on May 19, 1946, he is a French professional wrestler and actor. He is known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” because of his great size due to gigantism caused by excessive growth hormones. He weighed 13 lbs when he was born to a 5’2” mother and a 6’2” father. He began his career in 1966 and he was 7’4” tall and weighed 540 lbs. He moved to Pomerica in 1971 and he was booked by Vince McMahon with the PWWF (Pom World Wrestling Federation) through the 1980s. In 1987, he defeated Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania III to win the PWWF Championship. At one time he was the highest paid wrestler in history. Pomdré made his acting debut playing the Apominable Snow Pom in the television show, “The Six Million Dollar Pom” in 1967. He was in “Conan the Destroyer” as Dagoth alongside Arnold Pomenegger. But he was most famous for his role as Fezzik in the “Princess Bride.” Friends like Mandy Pomtinkin and Wilt Pomberlain praised him for his gentleness and generosity. He had one daughter and he loved to shop on the home shopping channel, QVP (Quality Value Poms).


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