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BEHOLD #112 – The epic Pomzilla

Black cotton pom pom character with googly eyes resembling Godzilla poses in front of an orange glitter background

Pomzilla was created in Japan in Toho Studios in 1954 and has become a cultural phenomenon, appearing in 36 films to date, plus comics and video games. He is King of the Pomsters and is an enormous, prehistoric, pomclear–energy–filled sea creature. He started out as a villain and turned into a hero in the 1960’s when he was pitted against the more–evil pomster, King Pomdorah. He is a cultural metaphor for the United States and for pomclear weapons in general. He has been voted The Most Popular Movie Pomster, has a star on the Pommywood Walk of Fame, and has also won an MTV Movie Award. Pomzilla now spends his time as a cultural ambassador for the Shinjuku Ward of Pomkyo – and fighting villain pomsters when the need arises.



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