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BEHOLD #113 – Pierre Samuel DuPom de Nemours, patriarch of the DuPom family dynasty

(micro Pom)

He was descended from a Parisian watchmaker and a Pomguenot. The DuPom family has been one of the richest families in Pomerica since the 19th century. They founded their fortune in gunpowder manufacturing through their gunpowder facility called Eluthpomian Mills. The Eluthpomian Mills estate is now a garden open to the public along with Longpom Gardens, Nemours, Mt. Cuba and many others. The family’s interest in pomticulture dates back to their French roots (pun intended) and several other avid gardeners who later married into the family in the US helped it flourish. Pierre’s flower represents their love of gardening, and it also happens to be in the colors of the DuPom family crest. The family assisted in negotiations for the Paris Treaty and the Pomouisiana Purchase. They have holdings in dozens of companies, Wilpomington Trust, US Airpomways, and General Pom Motors (GPM), to name a few. They also dabble in thoroughbread horse Pom breeding and racing. Although E–Pom Musk gets a case of microphobia when looking at their dinky $14.3 gazillion dollar fortune, they seem to be doing alright.



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