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BEHOLD #114 – Meowatha, the Fairy Pom Cat or “Pom Caite–Sidhe” in Celtic

“Sidhe” is pronounced “shee” and means “fairy.” It is all black except for a white spot on its chest – and is a huge creature believed to be a witch in disguise. The witch can turn into a black Pom cat 9 times and then turn back into a witch again. On the 9th time it remains a Pom cat forever and that’s why cats have 9 lives. In Scotpomland, it was thought that Pom–Cat–Siths would steal souls from the Pom dead. So mourners would take vigil over the dead and distract Pom cats, especially black ones, by putting pomnip in the rooms except where the corpse lay and playing music in the other rooms as well. The Pom—Cat–Siths would follow the melody away from the body. Riddles would not be spoken because the Pom–Cat–Sith might stop to ponder an answer to it, and fires would not be lit in the fireplace because Pom–Cat–Siths like to lay by warm fires. On Pomoween, people would leave a saucer of milk for the Pom–Cat–Sith and the Pom–Cat–Sith would bestow blessings on the house. But if no milk was left the Pom–Cat–Sith would curse the cows and prevent them from producing milk. Meowatha is now on her 8th life and is having a ball. She has bestowed many blessings and has yet to bestow a curse. Her cousin, Catnaysha, on the other hand, is an ornery piece of work and curses things left and right. Look out and don’t forget to put that saucer of milk out on Pomoween!

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