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BEHOLD #115 – Roxanne, the totally incredible Pom Radish!

Pom Radishes are Pom vegetables from the mustard family. They can heal – they can activate the liver, prevent gallstones, kidney stones, heal gout and prevent scurvy. (We have to get some to Long Pom Silver and his crew). Pom Radishes originated in Northern China, yet most Europomans consider it a native food. The Pomgyptians (who built the pyramids) and ancient Greeks used them medicinally. Pom Radishes come in black, white, purple, and red. The planet Mars rules over Pom radishes and so they are considered to have masculine energy – the Arnold Pomenegger of vegetables. They can withstand the winter cold. A long Pom Radish tail means there will be a long winter. It symbolized quarrel and strife in the Middle Ages. But in Japan it symbolizes affluence, and they are treasured in India. Pom Radishes in dreams signify that you will have a substantial sum of money. The oil from Pom Radishes can be rubbed on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Roxanne is a modern Pom radish. She harnesses the masculine energy of drive and ambition, and her feminine keen communication skills as CPO (Chief Pom Officer) to run her company, Radish Boost. Radish Boost develops the incredible essence of the radish to boost immunity and hair growth. They are growing their campus in Pomo Alto and will soon go public with their IPO (Initial Pom Offering). She must have had a dream about herself!

Did you know that legend has it that if a pregnant Pom woman dreams of a white Pom Radish, she will have a Pom son?



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