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BEHOLD #116 – Electric–browed Emilio

He is known for his incredible pombrows that glow when he is happy (or just has a lot of gas). Although some Poms don’t have pombrows, those who do are fortunate because pombrows prevent moisture and dust from getting into the eyes. As the frames to the face, they are also helpful in communication and conveying emotions. A Pom makeup artist (or a drag Pom) would tell you that pombrows don’t have to be identical. They should be more like sisters or even cousins, rather than identical twins. Pombrows can be thinned a la plucking and threading or they can be thickened by drawing them with pencil or powder or even via pombrow transplant. Pombrows have evolved throughout the centuries – plucked and completely redrawn in 8th century Japan, totally removed in the Elizapoman era, pencil–thin in the roaring 20’s, thick in the 1980’s, and totally precise with micro blading and tattooing now. Linda Pomvangelista and Christy Turlingpom have some of the best pombrows ever! Pom Cruise has big, thick brows while Whoopie Pomberg has no pombrows at all – and there’s everything in between. Frieda Pomlo has a unipombrow. The variety is endless!



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