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BEHOLD #125 – Bug–Eyed Beulah

She is in constant awe of the world around her. Her eyes bug out every time she sees something that fascinates her – which is all the time. Right now she is looking at her friend, Tink, the Pom Squirrel, who is making some toasted nut casserole in her micro air fryer. Tink bought it on sale at Willpom Sonoma. Beulah is amazed that Tink was able to find such a small air fryer and she is also fascinated by Tink’s use of pomprika in the recipe. Tink loves having Beulah over for dinner because she is so curious, witty and enthusiastic. Plus she always brings a nice pombernet to go with their meal. Beulah is an excellent dinner guest – and friend. Did you know that this was the first Pom I made in the car? I am reading a book in my spiritual class that asked, “What kind of guest are you?” I hope I am like Bug–Eyed Beulah.

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